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Week 2
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Regular-season game: Career day for Beagles' QB; Malfs eliminated (26 April 2013)

Their QB tied his own QFL record throwing five TD passes as the Mighty Beagles of Angedair (2-3) comprehensively beat igorz malfunxionistz (2-3) 42-28. Even though already eliminated from playoff contention, the Beagles were highly motivated to bounce back from three consecutive losses including a crushing 34-0 shutout loss they had suffered to the Dicey Beasts the week before. The Beagles' ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Moles bounce back to beat the Warriors (15 March 2013)

Their QB threw four TD passes as MoRe's Moles (3-2) beat the Prussian Warriors (2-3) 36-25 on the road to stay in the hunt for the playoff spots. Both clubs had lost two straight games after starting 2-0 and the Warriors outgained their opposition by 58 yds but the Moles snapped their losing streak scoring 15 points off of their four forced turnovers while the Warriors registered no takeaway ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Reds can lose after all! (12 March 2013)

duffeldoffel's Reds (4-1) lost their first meaningful game since last season's opener when they lost 22-15 to the Dicey Beasts (4-1) at the Green Dungeon. It was not necessarily a memorable game of Football Fever™ but the Beasts got some sweet revenge after the two losses they had suffered against the Reds last season including a defeat in the divisional playoffs. They deservedly beat ... [Read]

Regular-season game: From 0-2 to 3-2: Drinkers in first place (11 March 2013)

The stage was set for the first overtime game of the season when the Knights' kicker converted from 28 yds out to tie the game at 24 with 36 seconds on the clock. But on the first play after the kickoff, the Drinkers' RB ran 56 yds into the end zone to give the Moderate Drinkers (3-2) a 31-24 victory over silentsound's Silentknights. A miraculous comeback bid with the final play of the game ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Record-setting dieselz close to clinch playoff spot (23 January 2013)

Their QB threw four TDs and their RBs accounted for five scores as zugschefz dieselz (4-1) scored a QFL-record 65 points to see off igorz malfunxionistz (2-2) in a crucial All-Australian divisional matchup. QFL records gallore at the breakdown dome:The dieselz scored 65 points.The dieselz scored 9 TDs.The dieselz registered 665 yds total offense.Both teams scored 13 TDs (record tied).Both ... [Read]

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