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Live! – QTR4, 1:00

Week 2
Red-zone alert
Live! – QTR4, 3:12

Week 2
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Name the QFL all-star game (21 June 2013)

The second edition of the QFL all-star game will be played alongside the QFL postseason games with the two best non-playoff teams from each division invited to take part. The first edition was played under the name "North-South Bowl" but we find it appropriate for our all-star game to adopt a really cool name - and every member of is invited to help us find ... [Read]

Reds moving up north to ANewFIELD (17 June 2013)

QFL world champions duffeldoffel's Reds have confirmed they are leaving Stanley Park and the Southwestern region of Germany. They are moving up north into a new virtual stadium named ANewFIELD in Lower Saxony. Their regular-season finale currently under way will remain the final game played at their old virtual facility. The Reds will officially open their new virtual home with either a home ... [Read]

Playoff scenarios updated (31 May 2013)

As the Moderate Drinkers have clinched their playoff spot and the Gothic Division title at the expense of the Prussian Warriors, there are four contenders left playing for three playoff berths up for grabs. Each of the remaining four regular-season finales under way may effect the outcome of the playoff race. Let's check out the updated scenarios of the remaining four contenders in ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Expansion Drinkers expand their season (31 May 2013)

The Moderate Drinkers (4-2) clinched the Gothic Division title defeating last season's divisional champs Prussian Warriors (2-4) 41-31 at the Astra Dome. The Drinkers are going to the playoffs riding a four-game winning streak after starting the season with two losses. They defeated all of their four division rivals on their way to division glory. The Warriors, on the other hand, started ... [Read]

Playoff scenarios: all four spots up for grabs (27 April 2013)

Unlike last season when the divisional titles were clinched one week early, all four playoff spots will be up for grabs going into the regular-season finales: Three teams from each division are mathematically in the hunt to see some postseason action, however, it is very likely that all three contenders from the Australian Division will go through collectively. Even though only in ... [Read]

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