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TOUCHDOWN BASTERDS20-yd touchdown pass (extra point) – Basterds 49, Sparrows 21 (QTR4, 6:36)

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Regular-season game: dieselz win home game on the road (22 September 2012)

zugschefz dieselz (3-1) forfeited home-field advantage for their game against frontmodes Kobras (0-4) and were rewarded with a 25-18 win during the anniversary festivities of at the breakdown dome. The two teams opened week 5 with this game even though both teams had yet to finish their week-4 games. Led by Buvag, who has been appointed interim coach of the dieselz until ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Safety first at The Summit (18 September 2012)

Not a single touchdown was scored at the eagerly awaited clash of last season's title winners. Still, noone can say that both teams never found the end zone... duffeldoffel's Reds (4-0) scored no fewer than three safeties and the Prussian Warriors (2-2) added another one as the reigning Fever Bowl champions beat the Gothic Division champions by a score of 21-5 at the Olympic ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Reds the first to start 3-0 (17 August 2012)

duffeldoffel's Reds' QB threw his fourth TD pass with 3:12 minutes remaining to terminate MoRe's Moles' (2-1) hopes for a QFL-record comeback as the Reds became the first team in league history to start a season 3-0. The Reds stormed ahead 21-0 before the Moles registered their first new first down with TD passes for 1, 3 and 5 yds and seemed to have the affair under firm control. But with two ... [Read]

Regular-season game: dieselz' last-gasp catch at The Station (17 August 2012)

Their QB sent the home crowd roaring when he threw his only TD pass with 12 seconds left on the clock to give zugschefz dieselz (2-1) an improbable 31-30 comeback win over the Mighty Beagles of Angedair (1-2). The Beagles extended their lead to 13 points for the second time in the game on a 5-yd TD pass with the final play of the third quarter and the game seemed to be all but over when the ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Warriors win streak ends on the road (27 June 2012)

The Prussian Warriors' (2-1) seven-game regular-season win streak ended at the Green Dungeon where they lost 44-26 to the Dicey Beasts (2-1). It was the very first loss in a road game for the reigning Gothic Division champions and their first regular-season defeat since last season's opener. The Warriors opened the score when the Beasts had to punt after going three-and-out with their first ... [Read]

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