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Regular-season game: Kobras win! Kobras win! Kobras win! (24 October 2013)

Season II, week 6: Mighty Beagles of Angedair 15, frontmodes Kobras 31 (Final)

frontmodes Kobras (1-5) prevented an imperfect season with a 31-15 win over the Mighty Beagles of Angedair (2-4) at the Snakepit Arena. Still, the Kobras finished the regular season in last place earning the no. 1 pick barring an expansion.

The Kobras had not won a QFL game since 8 October 2010 when they defeated igorz malfunxionistz. Their unprecedented losing streak began with a loss to silentsound's Silentknights in last season's regular-season finale preventing the Kobras from clinching a playoff spot. The Kobras then lost the first five games of this season even though they opened the score in four of these games and had a two-possession lead in three of them.

It was also the Kobras' first home win since 15 May 2010 when they beat MoRe's Moles at their own Snakepit Arena where this season's Fever Bowl will be held.

The Kobras 1112-day wait for another QFL win ended when their QB knelt down twice after their return team had recovered the Beagles' onside kick who had cut their deficit to 16 with a 4-yd TD pass plus two-point conversion just moments before.

Earlier in the fourth quarter, the Kobras had put the game out of reach scoring two TDs within 12 seconds. First, their RB ran in from 18 yds out to stretch his team's lead to 17 points. Then, the Beagles' return man fumbled the kick return and a Kobras' special teamer managed to scoop up the ball and ran it back 19 yds for the Kobras' final score.

The Kobras' RBs finished the game with 25 carries for 150 yds (6.0 yds per carry) and two TDs.

As usual, the Kobras opened the score with their first possession. Their QB finished a fine 11-play, 78-yd drive with a 13-yd TD pass set up by a 31-yd completion moments earlier.

The Kobras' QB finished the game with 21-of-34 for 191 yds and a TD but was also intercepted twice and sacked five times.

The Kobras scored on five of their six opening possessions leading the league with 31 opening-possession points (4 TDs, 1 FG).

In the middle of the second quarter, the Kobras doubled their lead following a blocked punt. The Kobras' RB finished a 4-play, 34-yd drive with a 3-yd home run. Between their two first-half scoring drives, the Kobras had not made another new first down going three-and-out three times.

During the entire game, the Beagles finished only three of their 14 possessions with multiple first downs. They had their longest possession late in the second quarter when they cut their deficit in half with a 10-play, 63-yd drive finished by their QB throwing a 3-yd TD pass.

The Kobras extended their lead with a 33-yd FG on their opening possession of the second half. During the remainder of the third quarter and lengths of the fourth, both teams struggled mightily on offense before the Kobras finished the game and their season on a good note.

The Beagles' defenders had a strong performance with five sacks and two interceptions. However, their offense contributed too little and two lost fumbles by their return teams also did not help the Beagles' case to earn a .500 record after their legal predecessors, the SimKonville Fraggles, had finished the inaugural season 1-5.

Kobras coach frontmode had expressed thoughts of retirement during a frustrating season for his franchise. Hopefully, he will consider taking the momentum from this win into next season.

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