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TOUCHDOWN BASTERDS20-yd touchdown pass (extra point) – Basterds 49, Sparrows 21 (QTR4, 6:36)

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Week 2
Live! – QTR4, 3:48

Week 1
Live! – QTR4, 1:12

Week 2
Live! – QTR4, 5:36


Prussian Warriors switch Battlefields (19 January 2014)

The Prussian Warriors are about to leave the Olympic Battlefield in Afghanistan and move into a new virtual facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Warriors, led by owner/coach Niner, will play Season III at the Desert Battlefield and remain the only QFL franchise outside Europe.

They will officially open their new virtual stadium with their home opener of Season III. Their opponent is yet to be determined.

The Warriors hope to bounce back from a disappointing Season II. After starting 2-0, they lost out missing the playoffs at 2-4.

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