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Kickoff: 29 September 2009 - End of game: 2 November 2009
Season I: Week 1
Season I: Week 1: duffeldoffel's Reds at frontmodes Kobras
Coaches: duffeldoffel (RED) – frontmode (KOB)
Virtual venue: Snakepit Arena – Referee: zugschef


Kobras and turnovers bite the Reds

frontmodes Kobras scored 21 points off of no fewer than six turnovers and three points off of a blocked punt when they defeated duffeldoffel's Reds 24-14 at the Snakepit Arena.

Sloppy execution resulting in turnovers whenever momentum seemed to shift in their direction did not help the Reds' case against the Kobras who moved the ball more thoroughly.

Taking advantage from short fields provided by their defense and special teams, the Kobras took a 17-7 halftime. After a blocked punt, an interception and a fumble recovery, they took over at the opponents' 17, 19 and 22-yd line and scored on each occasion.

In between, the Reds' offense took advantage of a short field also when the Kobras' return man fumbled a punt return giving the Reds the ball at the 12. Two play later, their QB threw his only TD pass. After a scoreless third quarter, the Reds' RB scored on a 25-yd run early in the fourth to cut the deficit down to a field goal.

The Reds were in position to take the lead when they recovered a fumble at the Kobras' 21. But on a third-down completion, the Reds' receiver lost a fumble at the 1-yd line with 8:36 left to play. From there, the Kobras drove 99 yds down the field for the game-clincher.