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Live QFL scores

Fever Bowl IV
Live! – QTR4, 13:36

Ice Bowl IV
Live! – QTR4, 10:12

QFL Football Fever - where the big dice play...

Fever Bowl IV: Basterds lead after three quarters

QFL - 49ers FanZone Football Fever League The Jetto Basterds take a slim 2-point lead into the final quarter of Fever Bowl IV and, having the ball in the opponents' red zone, have a chance to add to their lead.

Only 3:12 minutes after falling behind a third time, the Jetto Basterds reclaimed their 2-point halftime lead on a 50-yd field goal.

Previously, the Flash 80s had regained their lead on a 45-yd field goal at the end of a 9-play, 44-yd scoring drive off of a Basterds' fumble.

Fever Bowl IV: Jetto Basterds 22, Flash 80s 17 (QTR4, 13:36)

The Basterds FG Die is 4-for-4 from over 40 yds out and 1-for-1 on extra points, making a strong MVD bit for his field-goal die.

So far, the lead has changed five times and the winner will set a new Fever Bowl record for the biggest comeback.

Nordics dominate Ice Bowl IV

Also under way is the QFL All-Star Game "Ice Bowl" with The Alpines, consisting of the Eagle Eyes offense and the frontmodes Kobras defense, taking on The Nordics, featuring the Prussian Warriors offense and the owl49er's billygoats defense.

Since conceding a TD on the Alpines' opening drive, the Nordics have been dominating their opposition having scored 40 unanswered points, 23 of which off of six turnovers.

Ice Bowl IV: The Alpines 7, The Nordics 40 (QTR4, 10:12)

Unlike previous years, the two teams do not represent a division or conference. Instead, The Alpines' units have been drafted by QFL commissioner igor while QFL Vice President and three-time Fever Bowl winner duffeldoffel has been responsible for The Nordics' units.